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Photographs and news from the Sponsored Bike Ride 2020

Bike Ride 2020 Edited for Web

Photographs taken by participants in the 2020 Sponsored Bike Ride

We have also been sent a link to a blog of the day by Caroline Symington which you can read here.  She visited 10 churches with her friends Susie Self and Kate Cleaver.

Matlaske Benefice decided to do a Triathlon instead of a bike ride.  Read all about it here

David Nice always treats us to an account of his journey, and this year is no exception.  You can read his blog here


To read the article in the EDP on Saturday 15th August, please click here

The Rt Revd Graham Usher, Bishop of Norwich said: “I am delighted to support the Norfolk Churches Trust bike ride and would encourage you to show your support by taking a ride or drive around our beautiful county. Our churches are sacred and special places - treasure troves of memory for generations of people, where they keep encountering the presence of Jesus in these places’ of prayerful stillness, peace and beauty. They belong to all the community and this is a great opportunity to play your part in their repair and preservation for future generations.”


Norwich Historic Churches Trust - churches open for the Bike Ride on 12th September

For those people riding or walking around Norwich churches, you may be interested that the following churches which come under Norwich Historic Churches Trust will be open on 12th September:

All Saints  10am-5pm

St Clement at Fyebridge  10am - 4pm

St Edmund Fishergate   TBC

St Gregory   10am-6pm

St James Pockthorpe  10am- 4pm

St Margaret de Westwick 10am-4pm

St Martin at Palace  10am-4pm

St Mary Coslany  10am-4pm

St Michael Coslany  TBC

St Michael-at-Plea  10am-4pm

St Peter Hungate  Open

St Peter Parmentergate  10am-4pm

Unfortunately the following will not be open:

St Etheldreda, St John Sepulchre, St Martin-at-Oak, St Saviour, St Simon & St Jude and St Swithin

 2019 Photograph Competition Winners

The £50 Prizes for the pictures that the judges liked the most are as follows:

1. David Nice. Bell Ringers St Michael's, Aylsham.
2. Lorne Inglis. Stained glass reflection at St Mary’s, Burgh-next-Aylsham
3. Roger Peacock. Spectacular at St Michael and All Angels, Flordon.


Roger Peacock told us

"Last Saturday I set off on my bike with the target of visiting as many of Norfolk’s churches as possible before 5.00pm. This annual charity ride for the Norfolk Churches Trust has gone on for many years but this year seemed a good time to join in as they have just arranged a substantial contribution towards re-roofing our village church.  The weather was spectacular! Clear blue sky, hardly a puff of wind and comfortably warm temperatures made for a cyclist’s dream, and Norfolk is blessed with both a wealth of historic churches (650 of them) and a fabulous network of tiny country lanes to travel between them. I had struggled for a few days trying to plan a route and was extremely grateful when our revered Newsletter Editor passed on his routing experience which I found invaluable (including his tip for the church with the best food!).

The variety of church buildings is breathtaking, from the ancient Norman round towered sites such as Gissing to the brand new modernism of St Henry Morse Catholic Church in Diss, from the simple Baptist Chapels to the most ornate Angel Roofed classicism of the 15th Century."

Message from Charles Inglis, Bike Ride Committee Chairman

As I sit at my desk in April 2020 to write this for the website we are living in a very difficult time. Everyone at the Norfolk Churches Trust hopes that you, your family, friends and local community are well. I have faith that things will have improved by the 12th of September. Our local churches are currently locked and so it will be a huge relief when they are open again for us to appreciate their architectural, historical and religious importance to this county. Like many charities the Norfolk Churches Trust has lost out on many of its fundraising activities and so I hope that we can make this event a bumper year. Many people have been getting on their bikes or walking to take exercise which will be great training for this year’s Bike Ride!

There was lots of good news to come out of last year’s ride. The Bike Ride raised an amazing £94,390 in 2019, which was an increase of £2967 on 2018. The number of people taking part increased by 5% to 567 and the number of places of worship receiving cheques increased from 279 to 293. We would like to pass on an enormous thank you to everybody who took part either cycling, walking, driving or manning the churches. You make a great contribution to the church of your choice and to the trust.

Win £1,000 for your Church

This year we are again offering a £1,000 prize for the most improved church. In other words the church which shows the most improvement in its Bike Ride fund raising compared to last year. This is an opportunity to make a substantial difference to your church’s finances.

In preparation for this year's Bike Ride, you can download posters and flyers to distribute:

A4 size poster


Flyer to email round to all your friends!