Beachamwell, St Mary’s added to list of churches to visit for the 40th Anniversary Bike Ride!

We are delighted to announce that St Mary’s is on the list of churches for the bike ride this year.  Although the church is not open, visitors will be able to see how the rebuilding work is progressing after the devastating fire which took place there in February 2022.

Above you can see a photographs of the present state of the church, showing the completely restored tower, with the splendidly gilded weathervane.  The ‘trusses’ are trials to check that the angles are correct and that the permanent trusses will sit easily on the walls. 

To demonstrate just how far work has come above is an image of the damaged roof of the tower before it was removed and the debris within the church before it was cleared for reconstruction to commence.

The east end wall is receiving considerable attention with some new stonework to replace that damaged by the fire.  Once all this preparatory work is complete, the new oak trusses will be delivered to Beachamwell and erected, and that should be quite a sight!

St Mary’s will be holding their monthly short service of worship on the green at 11.00, all are welcome.
There will be toilets available at the Village Hall, which is on the green, not that far from the church.
If you are in the area, why not pop by and see just how much has been achieved since that dreadful event, eighteen months ago.  

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