Save Norfolk's Churches. Take part in the Bike Ride & Walk, Saturday 11th September 2021

Bike, walk, ride or drive around the beautiful Norfolk countryside, stopping off at as many churches and chapels as you can along the way. Be sponsored for your visits or simply make a donation to the Norfolk Churches Trust. Your monies can be shared with a nominated church or chapel or go directly to the Trust. Whatever you choose to do you will know that your money is helping to preserve these ancient and important buildings for future generations to enjoy.

The joy of the Bike Ride is that it fits around you. You can start from your doorstep or go to an area you have never explored before. Take to the road on your own or meet up with friends or family. If you are an organiser you could get sponsorship for the time spent on the ground welcoming visitors on the day. Join the ranks of those who have helped raise over £2,800,000 since 1984, when the first Norfolk Churches Trust Bike Ride was held. It was considered a great success raising £31,948!

Last year we received tremendous support from you all and broke all records raising over £173,000. Thank you to all those who took part. Your feedback tells us that it was a wonderful day. Don’t forget the competitions that we run including The Prince of Wales certificate for the individual who raises the most money and the Wall of Fame for the most churches visited.

Help us to raise the bar higher this year by taking part on Saturday 11th September. If you are an organiser click here for the latest information about how to prepare and spread the word.

Rt Revd Graham Usher,

Endorsed by the Bishop of Norwich

“I am delighted to support the Norfolk Churches Trust Bike Ride and would encourage you to show your support by taking a ride or drive around our beautiful county. Our churches are sacred and special places – treasure troves of memory for generations of people. They belong to all the community and this is a great opportunity to play your part in their repair and preservation for future generations.”

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2020 Bike Ride Highlights


People took part in 2020 of which 400 were new to the Bike Ride.


The largest sum EVER raised by the Bike Ride at a time when our places of worship need us more than ever before.


Visits recorded to churches and chapels throughout Norfolk on the day of the 2020 Bike Ride.