Supporting Norfolk’s churches

“Their profusion is their greatness”
John Betjeman 1972

Norfolk has the greatest density of churches in the world: they are an iconic part of the Norfolk landscape, their towers and steeples people the skies. There are 659 of them.

Each church is a unique witness of centuries of parish social and economic history. Their architecture, monuments, stained glass windows and furnishings tell the story of every community. Many contain internationally important works of art and monuments. All are loved.

The Norfolk Churches Trust is dedicated to keeping them all open and in use so they can be passed on to future generations for worship and for visitors to enjoy their peace and quiet contemplation.

How we do it:

Supporting parishes

  • Practical advice on all aspects of church care and fundraising
  • Grants for urgent repairs where the financial need can be shown

Caring for redundant churches: the Leased Churches

  • The Trust looks after thirteen redundant churches leased from the Diocese of Norwich and RC Diocese of East Anglia
  • We welcome visitors to our churches
  • Volunteer to help care for one of them

Working with the Dioceses of Norwich and Ely, and Historic England to ensure a sustainable future for every church in the county.

Lobbying at a regional and national level to raise awareness parish churches and the need for financial support.

Holding events to raise the profile of the heritage of church buildings – church tours, conferences and talks.

The Annual Bike Ride directly helps each parish raise funds for their own church.

Supporting churches