Help to save Wiveton Church!

Wiveton, St Mary

Two years ago a large medieval roof timber collapsed on to the altar of St Mary’s church Wiveton, and the church had to be closed for several months for investigations. These showed that the whole of the chancel roof (the eastern part of the church) needs repairing urgently. Temporary repairs allowed the reopening of the church for now but, unless the roof is rebuilt by the end of 2022, it will have to be closed again.

You can watch a film in which Desmond MacCarthy (of Wiveton Hall and `Normal for Norfolk’) and Emma Bridgewater (of Emma Bridgewater Pottery) talk about the need to save Wiveton Church by visiting

Several benefactors and grant-making trusts have pledged to support the restoration of this wonderful church and a significant sum has already been raised, including a grant for £7,000 from Norfolk Churches Trust. In order to secure a grant from the Heritage Fund, at least £25,000 needs to be raised through crowdfunding to support the application. Anyone who gives £100 or more will receive an exclusive Emma Bridgewater mug of Wiveton church.

For more details, please contact: Stephen and Anthea de Loynes, 01263 741954
(; or Roger Bland, 01263 740806 (

You can download the press release here

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