Warm welcome for latest House by the Church event

Welbourne (C) Clive Dunn/PhotoFiction

Supporters of the latest Norfolk Churches Trust’s fund-raiser flocked to the “House by the Church” event.

A total of 21 houses and three gardens were opened specifically to the trust’s members and their guests in north Norfolk.

The feedback from both hosts and members has been tremendous, said Canon Mair McFadyen, who chairs the organising committee. “Everyone spoke of the warm and enthusiastic welcome they had received from those opening their homes,” she added.

“We’re very grateful to the hosts and also to the members for supporting the latest event,” said Canon McFadyen.

With a total of 360 tickets sold for a minimum £45, just 14 down on last year’s event, it should raise proceeds of around £16,000. It will help to raise a significant amount for the trust, she added.

And many took advantage to go to a number of houses on Saturday, May 11, which are not normally open to visitors.

And, there’s been a further bonus because a number of members’ guests have also decided to join the trust, she said. “We’re delighted that more people are joining the trust and will help to support our efforts in future years,” she added.

Individual membership cost £30 pa – details are on the trust’s website here.

The picture is the of The Old Water Tower, Cawston owned by Mr and Mrs Ronnie Forster. 

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