The Golden Legend. A new book by Michael Hodges

Those who are interested in the rich architectural and artistic legacy of our East Anglian churches have long known that a number of depictions of the saints have survived on the dados of their ancient Rood Screens. But before the compilation of this book few of us had supposed that such depictions had in fact survived in very considerable numbers, and in such amazing variety. Michael Hodges’ excellent study has opened our eyes to this great wonder. …

“I think the perusal of Michael Hodges’ book will make us want to go out and encounter anew this important part of our East Anglian cultural heritage.” — BISHOP ALAN HOPES

“I believe this book is an important record of British religious art in the period leading up to the Reformation, a sort of visual accompaniment to the seminal work done by Professor Eamon Duffy. I would hope that it would provide the raw material for art historians to work on in the future.” — THE AUTHOR

Michael Hodges was asked if he would be willing to write a book on the painted rood screens of East Anglia, concentrating on the various representations of the saints, to bring together a canon of English medieval figurative art. The book is now written and photographed and is proceeding on the old-fashioned advance subscription basis.

Subscribers would be named at the start of the book, listed alphabetically in order of how many copies they wished to purchase, at cost price. No payment would be required until the book was actually available.

The publisher is looking to find around 300 subscribers before the book can be printed. If you would kindly be prepared to subscribe to one (or preferably more!) copies, please email Michael Hodges direct with your postal address and how many copies you would like and he will get in touch to make arrangements.

Full details are available at

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