Legacy boosts Trust’s grants to churches

St Mary’s, Old Hunstanton

Churches in Norfolk have been left generous legacies worth more than £93,000 by a west Norfolk resident.

And the Norfolk Churches Trust has received £15,000 from the estate of Miss Kathy Brookes, who was also a member, it was announced by the treasurer David Missen at the latest quarterly meeting.

She also left two legacies, each of £39,000 to St Mary’s Church, Old Hunstanton, and St Edmund’s Church, Hunstanton.

Katherine (Kathy) Brookes, who died aged 69 in May last year was buried at St Mary’s, had been a great supporter of churches in the town, said churchwarden Howard Johnston.

Her legacies will enable some urgently needed work and repairs to be carried out at St Mary’s while leaving a substantial balance to maintain the church in future. “We are very grateful and really appreciate her generosity,” he added.

Income from legacies also enables the Norfolk Churches Trust to make grants and awards to help maintain the county’s rich heritage. At the latest quarterly meeting, it was agreed to award more than £33,000 to a range of churches in the Norwich diocese.

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