Good routine maintenance saves major repairs!  A stitch in time, saves nine…

Today is the start of The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB)’s National Maintenance Week,  culminating in National Gutters Day next Friday.

The annual National Maintenance Week campaign acts as a timely reminder for people who look after churches of the importance of regular checks of the building.  In doing so, minor repairs can be detected and carried out quickly and more easily, and hopefully avoid the development of more serious damage, especially during the winter months.

Running since 2002, National Maintenance Week always finishes with National Gutters Day, a light hearted reminder for everyone to spare 10 minutes to make a simple check on the condition of any property they care for.

In 2020 National Maintenance Week runs from 20-27 November. #NationalGuttersDay will be on 27 November.

These links provide essential advice about church maintenance: – Home page for SPAB National Maintenance week   – Maintenance calendar – advice on maintaining buildings of all types and useful videos on caring for Places of Worship – online lecture on maintaining Places of Worship– SPAB church maintenance tool kit.

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