West Rudham, St Peter

The Church of St Peter at West Rudham lies to the West of Fakenham in an area crowded with mediaeval churches. It came into the care of the Norfolk Churches Trust on 12 October 1979 because of there being two churches within a short distance of each other. East Rudham was preferred (as it had a peal of ring-able bells). There is however considerable local interest in using the building.

The church dates back at least to the 13th century. Marks on the aisle wall show that there was once a south porch with two steps leading down to a 13th century doorway flanked by pairs of columns. The aisle too is 13th century but could have been repaired in the time of Edward VI. There is a possible clue in three corbel heads which are said to represent Henry VIII, Jane Seymour and the boy King Edward himself.

We can say with reasonable certainty that the chancel was rebuilt in 1456. The font too is 15th century and beyond it now on the floor are the arms of George IV in a large frame. There was substantial restoration in 1891.

As with all the Churches cared for by the Norfolk Churches Trust, occasional services are held at St Peter’s.

The church, postcode PE31 8TE, is open daily.

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