An early Bike Ride for Kate Hughes

Kate Hughes decided to do the Bike Ride a few weeks early, and on one of the hottest days of the year! On Thursday Kate and her family celebrated the life of her mum who died in May, and the following day Kate cycled round 30 churches to raise money for Woodbastwick church where her mum and dad had been stalwart supporters of the Bike Ride. She raised £400, £40 of which she has donated to Norfolk Churches Trust.

Kate writes:

“I started at 5.45am (so lovely and cool) – it was very atmospheric. The farmers were out working the land with mists rising off the fields and rivers.

My husband met me at Buxton with a homemade BLT. I took another longer break in the shade by the church at Honing.

Lunch was at the The White Horse in Upton before finishing at Woodbastwick just after 2pm. I felt I could almost hear Mum & Dad cheering me as I walked up the path to take my last photo!

It was a real sense of achievement, particularly in the heat. Thanks to the generosity of friends in the North West and those who attended Mum’s Thanksgiving Service , I’ve raised just over £400! This is way beyond my expectations.”

Kate is pictured at the start of her ride and outside St Fabian & St Sebastian, Woodbastwick where her parents were so active.

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