Your chance to have a birds eye view of your house and garden and raise funds for the Norfolk Churches Trust.

During lockdown one of our supporters, Colin de Chair (a Norfolk-based retired professional photographer) has been taking aerial photographs with a drone.  Very kindly he has offered to use these skills to raise much needed money for The Norfolk Churches Trust.

The deal is that he will come round and take 6 or 7 photographs for you with the drone, which produces high quality pictures able to produce reasonable prints of up to A2 size.  He will send the images to you via email free of charge.  Should you require actual or additional prints, you could get these done online at places like BonusPrint or Photobox (or if you are pushed, Colin is willing to help out).  All images taken for you will be treated confidentially and be for your use only.

In exchange you need to

  • make a donation of a 3-figure sum (minimum £150) to The Norfolk Churches Trust
  • pay Colin for his travel costs. He lives in Wood Dalling NR11 and would charge 45p/mile

To make arrangements please firstly contact Colin on 01263 587600 or 07770 235036 or via email:

Donations and travel costs to be paid on line upfront to The Norfolk Churches Trust, using the reference: photo/your surname.  Sort Code 20-30-81  Account No 20666998

If you aren’t able to do this please send a cheque payable to The Norfolk Churches Trust to Manor Farmhouse, Diss Road, Tibenham NR16 1QF, adding your details and making reference  to aerial photography.

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