How to Take Part

The Bike Ride is an annual event in September - this year on Saturday 8th September, so come and join a fun day out! Bike, walk, ride or drive around the beautiful Norfolk landscape, stopping off at as many churches and chapels as you can along the way. Be sponsored for your visits or simply make a donation to the Norfolk Churches Trust or to a nominated church or chapel and know that your money is helping to preserve these ancient and important buildings for future generations to enjoy.

Be part of an event that last year raised more than £100,000, made up of donations (some large but many small) that collectively make a huge difference to help preserve Norfolk's churches.

Sponsorship and Donations

Tools to Help Plan Your Day

  • This is a list of all the churches which will be open on the day so you can choose which you visit.
  • The Diocese of Norwich has a guide to exploring churches, and you can access it on their website
  • The latest copy of Bike Ride News can be found here

Staying Safe

  • Read and follow the Highway Code's rules for cyclists
  • Ensure your bicycle is roadworthy by checking everything, particularly the brakes
  • Ride with care and consideration at all times, remembering that at junctions it may be safer to dismount and walk your bike across the road.
  • Ride in single file and not in large groups
  • Wear high visibility clothing and a cycle helmet
  • All children must be accompanied by a responsible adult
  • Risk Assessment

and do take part in our competitions!

Information for Local Organisers

  • Information you will need can be downloaded here
  • A sheet to record participants is here
  • The payment slip to return after the events is here