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Newsletter January 2018

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 Short update on 20th January  -

  • So far the most money raised by an individual is £3061 (not including Gift Aid)
  • So far the most raised by particular church is All Saints, Hempstead with £2213.50
  • The church visited by most people is St George's, Colegate with 77 visitors.
  • The most churches visited by someone on a bike is 87
  • The most churches visited by a walker is 50
  • Our records show that there were 300 bike riders, and 12 of them visited 40 churches or more, and 66 walkers, 10 of whom visited 30 churches or more.

According to feedback recorded so far there have been:

  • 2 horses participating,
  • 1 Tandem (the combined age of the riders of which was 159 - one with a recently repaired fractured wrist!)
  • 2 'runners'
  • One person participating from the Netherlands
  • One participant has taken part in the Ride every year since it started
  • An 11 year old enlisted his Father to drive him round the churches and raised £200
  • St Cuthbert's, Sprowston had a group walk with ten walkers visiting eleven churches and raising £100
  • One rider went round their whole village seeking sponsorship.  14 sponsor forms were completed and £1459 raised.
  • One bike rider visited 64 churches and covered 73.8 miles
  • One energetic participant ran round the churches

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David Nice is a regular contributor of photographs and blogs each year.

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The Prince of Wales Certificate 2016

The  Prince of Wales Certificate for the 2016 Bike Ride signed by His Royal Highness, with the recipient's name written in in water colour by Matthew Rice, is presented to Mrs Mary Truman (who raised £2,187.50 for Somerleyton Church and £578.75 for Herringfleet Church giving an overall total of £2,766.25) by The Bishop of Norwich at Bishops House.




Winners of the 2016 Photographic Competition

We had some fabulous and atmospheric entries for our photographic competition. The winning entries were published in the EDP and the Evening News. They really did reflect the weather on the day. The winners each received £100 and were as follows; photograph recording people taking part, Kathryn Thacker and the winner of both an architectural feature and their favourite church categories was David Nice.

Some interesting facts about the 2016 Bike Ride

⊕ The total raised to date is £100,066 which is £139 short of last year's final total of £100,205. Cheques are still coming in so we have a sporting chance of beating last year’s figures which will be amazing given how wet the day was.

⊕ We had 292 new participants who hadn’t taken part in the 2015 ride. 565 sponsored participants took part on the day with many more involved with signing people in at churches

⊕ The top 7 fundraisers raised over 10,808 more than 10% of the total funds raised.

⊕ The top church, Burnham Thorpe All Saints, raised £4,083 and knocked Hempstead All Saints off the top position. 18% up on last year.

⊕ One participant was sponsored by every person in his village and filled seventeen sheets of sponsor forms.

⊕ The top person cycled around 64 churches and the top walker visited 50 churches.

⊕ The number of church visits by car doubled from 109 to 215.

⊕ Amazingly there were more recorded visits to churches than last year which is extraordinary given the weather. 2198 vs 1920

⊕ One family did the ride by canoe!